The Zikoko Guide To Spotting Fake Instagram Vendors

So there’s been a  wave of people taking advantage of cheaper internet rates to use Instagram as a digital store. But among them are people who just want to scam you. Here’s how to spot them.

1. Their accounts are always set on private.

What are you hiding?

2. You have to send a request, so they can size up the mumu in you before they add.

“This one is a mumu.”

3. Their products are always extremely cheap.

So you can order plenty things.

4. And the only comments you’ll see are nice ones.

“This shoe is lovely!”

5. In fact, if you check well, you’ll see that there may be no comments at all.

Why are they deleting comments?

6. When you ask how they accept payment, they say it’s pay before service.

Why can’t I pay on delivery?

7. And when you ask for guarantee, they give you a long ass essay about trusting them.

Who trust help?

8. They keep calling to know when you will transfer the money to their accounts.

“When will you pay for the goods, please?”

9. And if you check their numbers on True Caller, you’ll see BS names like ‘Mades Closet’ or ‘Trumps Collections’.

Trump. Really?

10. They always give you some account number they opened remotely.

So you can never trace it with ease.

11. People of God, the moment you transfer that money, they block you on WhatsApp and Instagram.

That’s right.

12. And that’s when you know you’ve been scammed.

You’re in soup!

13. Shout out to all the Instagram vendors that have scammed and are still scamming people.

We will meet at the foot of Jesus.