The Worst Beating I Ever Got in Secondary School

So I was the funny guy in my crew, ladies loved me, it was my gift you know.

My problem started one day I was doing my usual funny guy work oh: I don’t even like remembering this story.

So I set biro for somebody… in my military school.

Soldiers were now passing on my corridor when he started shouting anyhow!

Jesus! There was no beg I didn’t beg this guy to keep quiet o!

For where? As soon as they entered my class, my guy just increased the volume.

The soldiers sharply decoded and looked at each other like:

If you’ve never been beaten by soldiers, please thank your God oh!

Brethren, they beat me like a thief in Idumota!

Me, after they battered my small body finish.

People that saw me after started asking if I was involved in an accident.

If you have your secondary school beating stories, please share!!!