The Trailer For Skinny Girl In Transit Season 4 Just Dropped And My Body Is More Than Ready!

1. If you haven't heard of Skinny Girl In Transit, a web series from Ndani TV, you must be living under a dust-covered rock.

Skinny Girl in transit follows the weight-loss journey of Tiwa and how she navigates relationships and life in Lagos.

2. After teasing us from season 1, season 3 ended on a super exciting note; Tiwa and Mide finally stopped fooling around and confessed their feelings for each other.

3. Season 4's trailer is fully packed and we finally get to see Tiwa exercising, while being chased by yet another buff guy.

4. Then she and Mide pack on the PDA literally everywhere, their relationship must be sweet o!

5. Her mom (played by Ngozi Nwosu) is still extra and over-the-top, as usual.

6. Next thing, we see Beverly Naya in this possible side chic Vs main chic showdown.

7. And some gbege moment happens at the end, her French bae from season 3 shows up.

8. What will happen to Tiwa and Mide this season? #TiwaMide2017 or nah?

While we impatiently wait for the first episode which drops this Friday, watch the full trailer in the meantime.