The Comprehensive List of Why Women Hate Yoruba Boys with an Unending Passion

As a Yoruba girl, I obviously extol the awesomeness of the Yoruba man, on good days. I think the sun rises and sets on their lying, cheating asses. Argue with your mirror.

Shots have been fired, slander has been distributed, shades have been thrown, subs have been delivered, but Yoruba boys still survive. They’re resilient. They still get the girls. You have to give them that.

Disclaimer: If your boyfriend is Yoruba, STOP here. Seriously, don’t go on.

But you probably won’t listen to me.

Because he has told you:

Why won’t they just date other tribes? But that’s not the point.

Girls have a love-hate relationship with Yoruba boys, in that they love them and then love to hate them. Can’t blame girls either. They’ve been through the wringer.

Here are few of the reasons girls have for wishing horrible, bad things on Yoruba boys:

They Are Not Loyal

No seriously, he may tell you that he loves you; but another girl is his flawless milk. KMT.

When Chris Brown sang “These hoes ain’t loyal” he obviously hadn’t met Yoruba boys. But he’s been spending time around questionable Yoruba characters like Wizkid, so who knows. Introducing 10 different girls to their mom like 10 times a week. Don’t feel special, it’s all part of the game.

Yoruba boys are too thirsty

They will be the first at the TL of the girl that drops a thirst trap. LOL’ing and retweeting as if their lives depend on it.

A Yoruba Boy Will Take You For Granted

Raise your hand if your Yoruba boyfriend takes you for granted. *types to the sound of a million girls crying inside*.

They don’t care about you, they are too busy spreading their tentacles worldwide.

They are Legion

In the worst way possible. They never move one at a time. Yoruba boys are always in a group like a legion of demons waiting to possess you.

Anywhere you see this, sister, RUN!

Cheating Is Their Destiny

And I’m not even making these things up.

Don’t deceive yourself. You cannot change them.

And after all of this, if your boyfriend is still a Yoruba boy:

Because when he’s done with you,

Now you know. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Because as this wise woman, @cyntheeya said, “You’ll end up with a Yoruba man at the end of the day…and you’ll love him and his demons.