That Time I Decided To Join FitFam

1. So one day during thanksgiving service in church I was really dancing and giving it my all.

2. All of a sudden (mid komole) I heard a rip and started feeling breeze around my bum bum area.

3. My brothers and sisters, my skirt had torn.

4. I decided to join fit fam so I could lose weight, because the embarrassment was getting too much.

5. I had started fighting to enter my clothes everyday.

6. In fact someone I knew asked me when I was expecting!

7. So I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to make a change.

8. I first bought all my new gym clothes.

9. Then I saw the price for gym membership. Ha!

10. I closed my eyes and paid, because I am trying to become a new person.

11. By the time I did three and a half minutes on the treadmill I was like:

12. The next thing was to change my diet.

13. Only to find out I was expected to starve!

14. No bread, no rice, no sugar, no ice cream no anything!

15. Then the healthy food was so expensive! For ordinary salad see how much!

16. That’s how I even joined one yoga class because they said that one helps you stretch.

17. Till today I am still using robb for my muscle pain.

18. After some time I left the fit fam for them oh!

19. At the end of the day this life is one oh! I have to enjoy myself!