Pounded Yam Lovers Will Totally Drool At This Tasty Dish From Imo

Pounded yam is legit the cream of the crop of Nigerian foods, argue with your cooking pot- and this delicious food combo, fresh fish Nsala soup with pounded yam, specifically from Oguta, Imo state makes us want to beg our Eastern folks to kindly kill us with enjoyment – Runtown style.

And because a food post is kinda incomplete without a recipe, we’ll be showing you how to make the tasty Nsala soup and pounded yam.

1. Apart from the most obvious ingredient (yam), you’ll need these for the soup:

2. To begin, wash and season your goat meat with dried pepper and Maggi cubes, then cook with enough water until tender.

3. Next, properly wash your fresh fish, season with the peppers, Maggi cubes, Utazi leaves and salt – cook this on low heat.

4. Add your dry fish, spices and crayfish to the pot of goat meat- let it all simmer for a few minutes.

5. While the goat meat is cooking, get on with cooking and pounding the yam.

6. Next, cut some pounded yam pieces into small balls and add to the goat meat soup. Cook on low heat for a few minutes until it starts to thicken.

7. Next, add the steamed fresh fish and vegetables and lightly shake the mixture.

8. Let it all cook for a few minutes and you’re all set to eat!

And that’s how to make a tasty pounded yam dish – Imo style!

And guess what? Clem Ohameze, one of our fave Nollywood actors, came in for a taste and he absolutely loved it!

If you want to catch the step-by-step recipe, simply watch the video below to keep up.

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