Nightmare on Akure Road: My Worst Travel Experience

The journey began normal. We left on time, I had my earphones on, my jamz on repeat, even the air conditioner was blasting cool breeze on my face; it was shaping up to be a perfect trip.

Then, halfway through the journey everything changed and my perfect trip was ruined

Hay God! What is this now?

It started slowly, I barely even noticed it

Wh…wha…what’s happening?

Suddenly, one rumble…

Oh my God, was that my stomach or the car entering a pothole?

Then another rumble…

Father Lord this cannot be happening…

My face when the volcano erupted

Everybody else’s face

And then…

But the mess did not stop there.

I started thinking of how to find toilet on time before the full thing dropped

Me when I couldn’t take it anymore

I begged the driver to stop in the middle of the road

Bent down and did my business behind a bush

Contributing to nature

For the rest of the journey everybody was looking at me like…