Nigerians Were Asked If They Could Slap Their Mothers For $20 Million And The Responses Were Hilarious

BattaBox took to the streets to ask Nigerians if they could slap their mothers for 20 million dollars. Nigerians were ever-dramatic with their responses.

A woman said she’ll rather slap her mother for money than do money ritual.

Na wa o! When did slapping someone have anything to do with money ritual?

Many said they could never slap their mothers because a mother is worth much more than money.

But 20 million dollars can pay for a year’s worth of cheek massages for mummy sha, just saying.

Some said they wouldn’t because they don’t want their mothers to curse them.

The fear of a Nigerian mother’s curses is the beginning of wisdom.

One said his mother would offer to be slapped willingly and he would celebrate Mother Slapping Day after collecting the money.

Na wa!

Others said they needed their mother’s permission before slapping them.

Who permission don epp?

What would you do?

Would you slap your mother for 20 million dollars?

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Watch the full video here.