Nigerians On Twitter Are Going Savage On Osi Suave And Here's Why

1. The Internet never forgets.

Nothing that is past ever stays in the past. And when Nigerian Twitter gets on your case, all your past sins and sayings will be brought forth for reckoning. Such was the case of OAP, Osi Suave...and this is how it all began...

2. And it so happened, my brethren, on the 27th day of the 6th month in the year of our Lord, that the OAP Osi Suave was busy threading tweets on networking goals.

3. But at the end of the tweets, something started to smell fishy...

4. Because when he talked about making his first million:

5. People were like, "Have we not heard this before?"

6. The thing wasn't adding up.

7. So they went in search of the others and found them:

And of course, as is true Nigerian fashion, they could not let this travesty go:

8. And so they dragged...

9. And dragged...

10. And dragged the guy...

11. Then they brought out all the other things he had said that didn't quite add up:


13. And even made a hashtag challenge in his name:

14. And sharing the most ridiculous and silly lies you have ever heard.

15. Which I suppose was the point:

16. But really, why can't y'all just let somebori be?

Ehn, why???

17. So what if he cannot remember exactly when he made his first million? Maybe he just forgot na?

18. Eez been so long ago and so many millions have gone down the bridge after that.

19. What if he wasn't just keeping track?

20. Can't y'all let a nigga be vague in peace?