If You’re #TeamNatural, These 22 Photos Will Make You Scream in Frustration

1. Trying to comb your hair every morning:

2. When strangers try to touch your hair without asking:

This ain’t no petting zoo.

3. Trying to choose the right hair products to use:

Which one is better, water based or oil based conditioner?   Do I get the regular conditioner or just the leave-in, or both?  

4. When they ask you for your hair routine:

Uh…wash and dry?

5. When you hear, “Oh! Your hair is so curly, what do you use?”


6. When a guy trying to toast you says, “Oh baby, I just lurhv this your natural hair! You’re such a natural beauty”


7. When you finish applying oils to your hair and it starts to drip down your face.

8. How it feels when your hair starts to break:

9. You on wash day:

10. You when you start to research how to take care of your hair:

11. When someone asks your hair type:


12. When somebody asks when you are making your hair:

What is your own?

13. When somebody says taking care of natural hair is cheap and easy:

Like, just shut up.

14. Not enough product; hair becomes dry and brittle. Too much product; hair becomes heavy and needs frequent washing.

What do you want from me?!!

15. You wake up like this:

16. When you try to style your hair but it doesn’t quite turn out as you hoped:

17. How you think you look after styling your hair vs How you actually look:

18. You almost every morning:

19. When the shrinkage sets in:

20. Pre-wash vs Post-wash:

21. When you’ve spent the whole day styling your hair and they don’t compliment it well:

22. When you finally find that one product that works for your hair:

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