If Your Tailor Is A Nuisance You Can Relate

1. When someone recommends a new tailor to you and you have hope.

2. But as usual, they are just prepping you before they start their madness.

3. When you hear these words “I can sew it ma”…

4. … Just know that your tailor is going to use your fabric to practice.

5. When you choose your own style and the tailor just decides to remix it.

6. When the tailor takes your measurements but then decides not to use them.

7. When your tailor promises you an outfit on a certain day, just add 3 months for peace of mind.

8. When you’re annoyed and shouting your tailor, she just stares at you, like:

9. When your tailor starts hanging out with bad gang and decides to start charging foolishly.

10. When you have to start chasing your tailor for your own clothes.

11. When you finally abandon a useless tailor and he/she starts calling you to ask where you are.