How A Bank Cashier Was Trying To Toast Me

So one onigbese finally returned my money after all these days and I went to the bank to deposit it.

Yassss! Pay day!!!

But we know Nigerian banks are stressful, with their halls that are always looking like this…

‘No money’ ‘no money’, but you people will not stay in your house abi?

I just jejely joined a queue as long as River Niger.

I’m not liking this wahala at all o!

After forever, it was finally my turn.

Praise the Lord!

That’s how one man just came from no where thinking he can chance me.

Who is this unku please? Because you carry big money? Abeg join queue jare!

The male cashier started answering him and just ignored me!

Diaris God o!

How the cashier looked at me when I gave him my 3k deposit…

‘What’s all this nonsense?’

But money is money in this economy, so me sef I was like…

Ehen? Kiloshele?!

After giving me ela earlier, he now wanted to start forming conversation with me.

After wasting my whole day? Oga just calculate my money lemme gerrarahia.

How I smiled at him when I saw that he was a fine guy sha…

See fresh fish!

When I realized he wrote his phone number on my receipt…

Ahn ahn, brother, because of ordinary smile?

And I even saw a ring on that finger.

Don’t kobalize me please.

I just threw his number away and went to my house.

Lemme go and sleep.