El-Rufai Just Released The Scripts For The Competency Test Conducted For Primary School Teachers In Kaduna

The Kaduna State government recently announced its intention to sack almost 22,000 primary school teachers due to their to inability to pass a competency test conducted by the state.

The tests were examination questions originally meant for primary 4 students and according to the governor of the state, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, 21,780 out of 33,000 teachers failed woefully.

An Odunlade "shock" meme would be appropriate right about now.

Since the announcement, there have been protests from people who disagree with the government's decision. Most notable of the protests was the one staged by primary school pupils in Kaduna State. Here's a video:

Governor El-Rufai, through his spokesperson, condemned the protests “callous and despicable" to send children to protest on behalf of the incompetent teachers.

Now, El-Rufai has released some of the test scripts of the competency tests and the results are not good.

The're actually really terrible. Check it:

He then ended with this:

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