Bobrisky Has Been Arrested And Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Case

Brethren. Bobrisky (aka Risky Rob aka Robert Risky) is currently in police custody.

He was arrested at Lekki, Lagos on Tuesday the 7th of November and was taken to a police station. Pictures floating around the internet since the news broke show Bobrisky looking visibly stressed out while being questioned by the police. Check it:

Oh wow. I think this is the first time I've seen pictures of Bobrisky without like 200 filters. He's also without his usual drag queen level of makeup, no weaves, and if you look closely, he's barefoot!

You guys, this looks bad.

Now, nobody is sure why exactly he's been arrested. But everyone believes it's one of 2 reasons. Let's get into them:

1. It could be because he actually admitted to being gay a couple of days ago in an Instagram post.

Triggered by the constant insults and homophobic slurs left on pretty much all his social media accounts, Bobrisky went on an explosive rant on Instagram in which he blasted his haters and admitted to being gay at the same time in a post he deleted almost immediately.

2. Some people think his arrest could be linked to the war he's been engaged in with business woman, Toyin Lawani

People are speculating that Toyin Lawani, who has been engaged in a social media war with Bobrisky for a while now, is somehow behind all this. Like she just said to herself, "This guy has pissed me off too much! Let me use my influence to get him arrested and ruin his life small."

However, Toyin Lawani has shut down this rumor through her assistant by saying, "Please she has nothing to do with that. Stop linking her to it. She would never stoop so low."

Weirdly enough, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, has claimed to not know anything about such an arrest, saying that it's entirely possible Bobrisky was just invited for questioning or went there voluntarily to make a complaint.

Look at these pictures again.

Look at how stressed and distraught he looks. Is that the face of a person who just casually came to make a complaint?

Look again!

It's also worth mentioning that if he was indeed arrested for being gay, he could be facing up to 14 years imprisonment as stated in the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act signed into law in 2014.

As we've covered all that, it's time to take you to cyberspace to show you how Nigerians are reacting to this.

A lot of people think it's garbage if Bobrisky was really arrested for being gay:

There were those that think Bobrisky should in fact be jailed for being who he is.

Then there was this girl who saw another angle.

See, I need friends like this in my life. No matter the situation, they're able to look on the bright side. Lol

Let me just say one more time that the real reason Bobrisky got arrested remains unknown. Anything you hear now is just speculation.

Don't play yourself.

UPDATE: Bobrisky has spoken out for the first time since his arrest and has revealed that the orchestrator of his arrest was none other than Toyin Lawani!

Read what he had to say:

"Toyin Lawani asked her lawyer to write petitions against me that I worked for her and I’m selling cream to all her customers. Which was a fat lie. I never worked for Toyin. She was my friend. I can’t remember ever working for Toyin or learning how to make cream from her."

"Then she also said I threatened her. So we are going to Abuja cos that was where the case was reported. Before she wrote petitions against me, she had already threatened me that she is giving me 7 days to go to the internet and apologize to her which I said no way because she offended me. I think because I refused to apologize, she got the police involved."

"Speaking about what transpired at the police station yesterday, Bobrisky said his phones were taken for him and he was told that he needed to wait until morning in order to go to Abuja."

"Yesterday at the police station, I was sitting at the counter and I was told I needed to wait until morning to go to Abuja. My phone was taken from me so I couldn’t talk to anyone. I’m trying to get in touch with my lawyer and all the people I know."

There you have it folks. We'll keep you updated as it unfolds.

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