American Musician, Jhené Aiko, Snagged Herself A Yoruba Boy!

Out of nowhere and without prior warning, we heard that American singer-songwriter, Jhené Aiko is married!

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We’re very sure that some guys will heartbroken by this.

But the kicker is that she’s married to a Yoruba boy no less!

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His name is Oladipo Omishore a.k.a Dot da Genius. He’s a music producer and DJ and has worked with Kid Cudi, Rockie Fresh and King Chip.

Nobody knew they were married until he shared their wedding day picture on Instagram.

And the made this comment to go with it: “Happy Birthday to my gorgeous wife. Happy to be on this quest w/ you!!!

We all knew they’d been dating for a while.

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We know that they’ve been dating since 2014. It could possibly be longer. But nobody knew exactly when they tied the knot.

Dot da Genius had shared this tweet in 2014, but it’d flown under the radar.

But the important question is, how was Jhené able to achieve such feat?

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Everybody know that it’s not easy to date a Yoruba boy and she managed to marry one.

Is she an Igbo girl?

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Though born in the United States, she’s of African American, Japanese, Spanish, Dominican, German Jewish, French, and Native American descent. So it is possible she has an Igbo ancestor. If not, she must have the skills of an Igbo girl! And her middle name is Efuru too.

Respect to them for keeping their private life private. We wish them a happy married life!

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