All The Things We Are Tired Of In Nigerian Politics

1. When everyone is in traffic and a politician’s mopol starts blaring their sirens for people to make way.

No, please fly over our heads.

2. When even ordinary local government chairmen starts forming bad guy.

Wow! Can you imagine?

3. When you try to get a meeting with a politician and they waste hours of your time.

You know some of us actually have to work! We don’t have hours to waste lounging in your office waiting room.

4. When it’s 6 months to election time and all of a sudden roads are being fixed and schools being built.

Oh so now you people know how to work!

5. When the election jingles start playing everywhere.

Who authorised this noise?

6. When all the walls and billboards are covered with political posters.

Na wa oh.

7. When politicians start promising the moon and stars.

Like we haven’t been here before.

8. When feuding politicians all of a sudden become best friends because of elections.

We are not fools oh, we know what it is.

9. When after the elections they fall out again and start insulting each other everywhere.

Nobody is surprised.