All The Things That Happpen When You Finally Get Your Own Place

1. When you first get your place and you realise you won’t need to tell your parents you’re going for a vigil to escape to Sip on Fridays anymore

2. When you first get to the space and realise furniture doesn’t grow on trees, money actually has to flow to furnish

3. This is the way you run to turn off the light when you remember the NEPA bill of last month and you see the toilet light you left on

4. This is the amount of swag you’ll use to tell your female friends you have your own place

5. Living alone is all fun and games until you hear somebody opening your fridge door at 2 in the morning, but you live alone

6. When you turn to a professional at playing hide and seek when your landlord starts disturbing you for next year’s rent, and you start wondering who was chasing you from your father’s house