All The Things That Happen When Your Bestie Gets A Boyfriend

1. So you and your best friend have been sisters in singleness for the longest, you even have singleness annniversary

2. Then from nowhere, one uncle will just think he can come and scatter your Singles Club

3. Before you know it, any small thing “bae said” “let me ask bae”

4. You’ll be trying to talk to her, and this is the nonsense she’ll be doing:

5. As if that one isn’t bad enough, all the gist you give her, she’ll now start downloading to bae

6. But that one is small compared to Valentine’s Day, after bae has finished spoiling her, you’ll now start helping her count her presents and cakes

7. That’s when your singleness will actually start slapping you, but don’t worry, Oluwa will provide a boo soon