9 Harmattan Struggles Every Lagosian Knows To Be True

1. When people in other states are complaining of harmattan cold but all you feel is heat.

Are we really in this same Naija?

2. You, praying for even small harmattan breeze.

Oh Lord Of Elijah, answer your boy.

3. When you realize Lagos harmattan is just dust and more heat.

Who have we offended in this town?

4. When the harmattan now finally visits Lagos small, you’re like:

I can now rock my fine pull-over!

5. How your joy is full when you can now chook mouth and complain about the weather.

“Oh wow, this harmattan has no chill!”

6. You, running to the market to buy shea butter and vaseline like:

So my crush will not see my ashiness.

7. When the harmattan now decides to say bye-bye after 3 days.

Which kind of rough play is this?

8. When you travel to another state and you see the real harmattan.

So Lagos harmattan is a myth?

9. And no amount of shea butter and oil will stop you from looking like this:

Ashy AF!