8 Things We Learned From Tonto Dikeh’s Emotional Video

After a long bout of silence following her accusations against her husband for giving her STDs, Tonto is telling us the full story in this heartbreaking video

The full video shows Tonto talking about the domestic and emotional abuse she suffered from her ex-husband, Churchhill, and how she’s had to make numerous sacrifices for her son.

1. We’ve learned a few things: Men are scum

But then, we already knew that one before.

2. Do not stay in an abusive relationship

This applies to both genders. Know the signs of an abusive person(emotional and physical) and EXIT the relationship for your own peace of mind.

3. If someone loves you, they most likely won’t hit you

This one is self-explanatory. Shine your eyes.

4. Don’t stay in a bad marriage because ‘I’m thinking about my children’

Trust me, I know the troubles of a woman who’s not ‘in her husband’s house’. But it’s BS, and your children will blame you for not being strong enough to leave.

5. Understand that giving up on your marriage is much better than getting killed in your marriage

The slap that turned to blow will soon develop into cutlass -Pete Edochie. (Just kidding, but you get the drift).

6. Try counselling with your spouse

But if you don’t notice a change, forget it!

7. We’ve realized the worst thing about assholes is they are unaware of their assholish behaviour

Hence their continued assholery. There’s no reasoning with them!

8. Seek help!

Don’t suffer silently. Reach out to people who can help you.