8 Dads on Nigerian TV That Basically Raised Us Alongside Our Actual Fathers

There was a time when Nigerian soap operas were the shizzle.

In honour of that time and the awesome characters that made us laugh, cry and stay glued to our television sets, this is a list of some super duper TV dads who basically raised us through our television screens:

1. "Chief" in Everyday People

Played by Sam Loco Efe; he was simply known as 'Chief', the Niger Delta man who was married to two wives; Obruche and Beauty, and frequently liked to exclaim such words as "Okpenekemukromakaopana"...or at least that's what it sounded like sha.

2. Chief T.A Fuji from Fuji House of Commotion

Played by Kunle Bamtefa; he was the "Head of House", "Olori Ebi", Commander-in-Chief of the Fuji household, with three wives, one live-in girlfriend and a multitude of children, there was never a dull moment.

3. "Papa Ajasco" from Papa Ajasco and Company

Played by Abiodun Ayoyinka; his signature bald head, round glasses and outfit featuring a dress shirt worn over a wrapper tied around his waist, plus the way he shouted "ojigbi jigbi jigbi", made for very hilarious TV.

4. "Emeka Anyanwu" from Edge of Paradise

Played by Nobert Young; he was really a cool dad who struggled with his own personal demons while still trying to be a good father figure for his children.

5. "Tunde" from One Love

Played by Tony Umole; he was the ever cool, calm and collected father serving as the voice of reason and who always lovingly-offered advice to everyone in the house as a true Nigerian patriarch.

6. "Dr Babatunde Williams" from Family Ties

Played by Adegeye Funsho Adeolu; he was a pretty cool father who always tried to diffuse the constantly teeming tension between his two wives from different tribes while entertaining his three kids with his guitar-strumming skills.

7. "Fred Ade-Williams" from Tinsel

Played by Victor Olaotan; he is the head honcho in charge of Reel Studios, constantly trying to balance a very tricky relationship with his children with enough class and grace.

8. "Teju Philips" from Dear Mother

Played by Moyinoluwa Olutayo; although she's not a father, she practically played the role of father and mother and that qualifies her as a TV dad in my book, and she was pretty kickass at it too.

In all honesty, if you remember watching these guys on TV, you're already ready to be a father...or mother yourself.

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