7 Kinds of People You’ll Meet At The ATM

1. The Queue Prefect

This one likes to watch the line and make sure nobody is cutting the queue or trying to take another person’s space. They will fight you if you argue with them. Just jejely obey and stand where they tell you to.

2. The “I was here before” people

They’re always saying “I was here before”, even though nobody really remembers them being there before.

3. The “please can I enter?” people

These ones don’t want to spend too long on the queue, so they’ll be begging everybody on the line to give them space.

4. The Lord of the Cards

These ones are Baba card holders. Master of the cards. They will come with five ATM cards and will nearly finish all the money from the machine by the time they finish withdrawing.

5. The “I’m at your back” people

They are always at your back. They will go and find somewhere to sit and leave you there protecting their space. As if you too don’t know how to find sit too.

6. The ones that’ll spend 100 years trying to use the machine

They don’t know how to use the ATM but instead of them to ask somebody to help them, they’ll be forming bahd guy.

7. The ones that’ll print receipt only to throw it away

Like, why’d you even bother then?

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