5 Recent Fashion Trends That Desperately Need To Die By Fire

Hi. It's me. A human with fairly good taste.

I don't claim to know much about fashion or being stylish. In fact, the main reason I started shaving my head completely (and convinced people I'm bald) is so I wouldn't have to comb my hair.

Yes. I'm that apathetic about my appearance. Fight me.

But I refuse to stand by and let these recent abominable fashion trends become a thing.

Y'all know how Nigerians love to copy rada rada fashion.

1. Squiggly Brows

This shit is not attractive!!! I can't believe a makeup artiste somewhere woke up one day and thought this would be a good idea. Why would anybody want to walk around looking like an unfinished cartoon character? WHY?!

2. Squiggly Lips

All this does is make your mouth look like a GIANT HERPES SORE. It'll also make you look like a poorly conceived Batman villain. Is that what you want for yourself? To walk around looking like a Batman villain with a giant herpes sore for a mouth?

Even worse is that people decided to put the squiggly brows and squiggly lips together and the results are what nightmares are made off. Check it:

Just look at this freakshow!

violently vomits

3. Squiggly Hairlines.

Apart from this being very gross, you will never be able to keep it up. You will fuck up your hairline a little every single time you do it and before you know, you'll look like Papa Ajasco.

4. Hilariously bizarre underwear.

A couple of days ago, an account on Twitter put this up:

And it got me wondering......

HOW IS THIS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND?? Who are the guys demanding these? WHO are these guys that absolutely NEEDED to own leopard print elephant themed underwear with googly eyes??

You people should stop abeg. Lol

5. Braided Brows

I'll have to admit, this is beautiful but it still needs to go away. Why? This is why:

No living human has eye brows full enough to braid. Which means that anyone that wants this will have to use fake hair (like the lady in the picture above). Brethren, there's already too much makeup and weaves in circulation. Do we really need more deception out here in these streets?

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