16 Tweets That’ll Remind You Of Why You Hate Math

This twitter user is reminding everyone why maths is the worst thing in the world and people are responding in the most hilarious ways.

1. Who Kofi help?

2. What concerns ladder with birthday?

3. When you see the question and you already know you’re failing

4. All job searchers know this struggle

5. Hated seeing ‘x’ in maths class

6. Chidi and Stella can do whatever they want

7. The only answer to this is ‘Rice’

8. Kuku kill me

9. I don’t know o!

10. It’s like this one will die in the friendzone o

11. When your F is already loading

12. It’s not adding up

13. You, when the interviewer starts asking stupid questions

14. But is it fair?

15. For football lovers

16. Question for the Gods