16 Annoying Patients Every Nigerian Doctor Has Ever Treated

1. Those ones that are afraid of hospitals.

2. What is internal heat please?

3. Those one that crack dry jokes.

4. Those ones that never remember their periods.

5. The ones that patronise 419 doctors.

6. When your multipurpose agbo finally stops working.

7. Somebody can’t even play with these patients sha.

8. Those ones that don’t really know what a hospital is.

9. This funny one about Caesarean Sections.

10. When a patient thinks palm oil is water.

11. Those ones that are too superstitious.

12. Some patients even use style to set P.

13. The ones that want to turn the doctor to a teacher.

14. When your patient is the cause of his own sickness.

15. Those oversabi patients that like forming ITK.

16. Those patients that can lie for Africa.