13 Ways To Effectively Mess With Nigerians In Public Toilets

So you're lowkey a mischievous demon spawn that goes around looking to scare, annoy, irritate and infuriate. You're at a public toilet for whatever reason and you've decided to wreak a little havoc during your time there. Here are a couple of suggestions that'll help you achieve your goal.

1. Knock on the doors of stalls you know are occupied and then when they're forced to answer by screaming, "Someone is in here!" ask them this in an accusatory tone:

2. Enter a stall right next to one that's occupied, knock on the wall separating you from the other person and then try to start a conversation.

Nigerians don't even like talking to strangers in normal situations. Imagine how annoyed they'd be when you interrupt them while emptying their bowels.

3. Make incredibly loud grunting noises like you're in pain.

4. Kick down the door of an occupied stall with a camera in your hands and scream:

5. Pour an entire bucket of water on the person in the next stall.

Be prepared to run like hell the moment you do this because best believe the person is going to rush out of that stall and chase you.

6. Scream in ecstasy like you're having an orgasm.

7. Start reciting Yoruba incantations in a really loud deep voice.

8. Run into the bathroom and scream out loud for everyone not to panic but you're pretty sure you just saw a snake crawl in there.

And then watch all the people in there run out without pants.

9. Ask the person in the next stall if they would like to buy some drugs and then throw them a bag full of baby powder.

So they'll think it's cocaine and freak out.

10. Somehow get your hands on a stuffed bush baby doll and leave it in a toilet like this:

And smile on your way out because you know the next person that comes in is going to shit their pants in fear.

11. Download gun shot sounds on your china phone and play it.

Pictured: Every single person currently in that bathroom.

12. Get a mannequin head and hold it over the door of an occupied stall so it looks like someone is spying.

13. Wear a clown mask and wait outside a stall till the occupant is done and then be like:

Recipe for a heart attack.

You didn't hear these from me oh.

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