13 Pictures You’ll Relate To If Your Tailor Has Ever Disappointed You

1. The Nigerian tailor motto:

They will sha use you and practice.

2. This apt description:

Is it a lie?

3. When you show them one thing but they see something completely different.

via @_tayo___

Hay God!

4. When you trust a Nigerian tailor.

I pity you.

5. How to speak ‘Nigerian tailor’:

Add it to your vocabulary.

6. Every Nigerian tailor’s worst enemy:

You go call tire.

7. When your tailor knows they will still do what they want.

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You’ll manage it like that.

8. When they are ‘busy’ doing nothing:

We need answers.

9. The pre-excuse face:

Brace yourself for the lies.

10. The official Nigerian tailor excuses:


11. When you finally know their lies.

I resemble ode, abi?

12. What would happen if superheroes had to work with them:

E pele Batman.

13. When they are the reason you’re still single.

See my life.