11 Videos That Prove Odunlade Is God’s Gift To Nollywood

Odunlade Adekola is one of the best actors Nollywood can boast of.

And everyone loves him.

From making us shriek with laughter to his ridiculously hilarious clapbacks, here are 11 reasons Odunlade Adekola is God’s gift to Nollywood:

1. When he dealt with his long throat friend.

This is an important life lesson here: Always hold your own money!

2. When he was just badass.


And transformed into the king of the streets.

3. Who else can clapback like Odunlade? No one!!!

Nollywood, what is a fly-whisk please?

4. When you’re waiting for the love of your life and your girlfriend suddenly appears.

Because nothing should come in the way of love.

5. How to get away with serial cheating.

Through blame shifting and turning tables, of course.

6. Blessing us with his greatness…

Even without saying a word.

7. When he trolled this poor blind beggar.


8. And he was effortlessly girly here.


Seriously, give this guy an Oscar… just kidding!

9. When he threw shade at a female Babalawo without giving one damn.

LOL! He called her “Madam”.

10. When he gave his gateman premium advice.

With the straightest face ever.

11. We love him even more because he is quite the charmer.

He could even steal your girl from you.