11 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You At Work

1. When your stomach disrespects you and you start purging:

2. When the nudes you shared with your crush leaks at work:

3. Being in a boring meeting where everybody is just yarning opata.

4. When you fart loudly during an important meeting:

5. Getting sack letter because you were raining holy ghost fire on your boss during office devotion.

6. Having to give your coworker sack letter:

7. When your boss yells at you in front if your office husband.

8. Someone eating the lunch you bought with your last card:

9. When your boss starts toasting you.

10. When you have to close late because your boss packs extra work for you.

11. When your boss starts sending you to buy beans inside cooler, on top your M.Sc. degree.

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