10 Struggles That Are Too Real For All Insomniacs

1. When you’re trying to sleep and you remember all the times you’ve embarrassed yourself

Your brain is only active at night!

2. When you now realize it’s almost time to wake but you’ve still not slept

Which kind life be this?

3. When you now finally start feeling sleepy when everyone else wakes up

Is it fair?

4. How you look when you get to work every morning

The stress will just be dancing on your face!

5. You, dozing at work like

It’s only at work the yeye sleep will come.

6. When you’re chatting with bae in the night and they sleep off

Why will they now leave you like that?

7. When 3 am is the only time you reply your friends’ messages, and they’re like

“Abi you’ve started going for meetings in the night ni?”

8. When they now say you should try sleep drugs but nothing happens

Done. Just done.

9. You, morning, noon, and night

Always yawning up and down!

10. When you’re trying to sleep in the night and your tummy now decides it wants to stay awake

So you’ll now be cooking at 4 am or what?