10 Sentences Unemployed Nigerians Are Tired Of Hearing

1. “Eh ya, sorry!”


2. “Send your CV”

So you’ll give it to the akara woman in your street, abi?

3. “Why don’t you start a business?”

With the money you gave me.

4. “Why are you waiting for the government to create jobs for you?”

Please don’t be foolish.

5. “Come and work for exposure”


6. “What about civil service?”

Does your daddy have the connect though?

7. “Immigration is hiring”

I’m not ready to die please.

8. “We’ll get back to you”.

Don’t do this, please.

9. “You’re over-qualified for the position we’re offering”.

What does that even mean?

10. “Take this test…”

As per, WAEC part 2?