10 Perfect Gifts For The Children Of Relatives You Hate

Do you have an Auntie that just won't mind her business and keeps asking you when you're going to get married? Do you have an Uncle you want to get revenge on for slapping you for no reason when you were 7 years old?

If they have children that are still really little, buy them one (or all) of these toys as a gift to ensure that they need therapy for the rest of their lives!

1. This creepy ass Teddy bear with wolverine claws and a sex offender smile on it's face.

2. This vintage doll that looks like it's having a VERY intense orgasm.

3. This vampire clown demon hybrid.

For maximum effect, slip into the box, a copy of the 1990 movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel, "IT".

4. This porcelain doll clearly inspired by Michael Jackson after his face started falling apart.

5. This Jack-In-The-Box!

Perfect way for them to learn that life is full of terrible surprises.

6. This Hitler doll that screams "KILL THE JEWS!" when you press his stomach.


7. This doll that you just know is possessed by a passive aggressive ghost and will eventually inspire a mediocre horror movie franchise.

8. This plush toy depicting a very terrifying scenario.

Tell them that if they ever lie, a crocodile will eat them.

9. Chucky's transsexual child from the movie, "Seed of Chucky".

10. Billy the Puppet from the "Saw" movies.

For maximum effect, slip into the gift box, a DVD copy of "Saw 3D".

You're welcome.

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