10 Outrageously Fake Designer Logos That’ll Make You Say “Wawu!”

1. Mike (Nike)

Let me explain what happened here. The name of the guy that made this is Mike. He probably just slapped his name on the shoes (seeing as Mike and Nike are kinda similar) and hoped nobody would notice.

2. Sonia (Sony)

I also can explain what happened here. There was a small mix up. Sonia, is the name of the model on the pack.

3. Poly Station (Play Station)

There are so many things wrong with this. Even if you somehow believe that this is the real Play Station, NINTENDO DOESN’T OWN PLAY STATION!!! LOL

4. Heimekem (Heineken)

I’m willing to bet all the money I have in this world (N3500) that the name of the person responsible for this is Nkem.

5. Sdidsa (Adidas)

I first read this as SAMBISA and freaked out. LOL

6. Tuna, Fuma, Pama, Kuma, Punk (Puma)

via Lachschon

Loooool! They were on fire with this one.

7. Deats By Nani (Beats By Dre)

Molowo NANI!!!! LOL

8. Ghanel (Gucci + Channel)

They even combined the logos for the two brands!

9. Whatever the hell this is supposed to be (Obama+Sonic+Harry Potter)

What even is this??! This abomination is the result of of getting drunk off of cheap alcohol.

10. This Ralph Lauren Polo logo

via The Coli

The horse threw the guy off its back and is now running away because it doesn’t want to be associated with this nonsense. Lmao

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