Here Are A Few Truths We’ve Realised Now That We’re Adults!

1. Your set probably wasn’t the worst set the school ever experienced, don’t mind your principal!

2. When it finally clicks that your birthday is in June, but your parents married in March

3. When you’re the one now paying for your phone, and you realise you don’t actually need a new phone when a new model comes out every year

4. Lowkey, you kind of needed the cane your parents gave you growing up

5. When you realise why your brother used to send you to buy sweets and lock the doors, when his girlfriend came to visit

6. When you realise you’ve finally turned to your parents when you start telling your children to tell visitors daddy isn’t at home on weekends

7. When your children are asking you to buy meat pie for them in the car, and you realise how sweet it is to tell them there’s rice at home

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